Dealing with Corona

You would like to visit us?

All visitors are  ♥welcome♥ !

Because of Corona it still needs some caution and arrangements. For a day visit your are welcome to come by anytime with mask (Monday is our break day 😉 ). If you want to stay overnight or longer, please read our Corona concept described below and call us on the Forest-Phone beforehand!

+++ To announce your visit please call the Forest-Phone: 01517 5666847 +++

For the Kultur-Ohne-Kohle Festival from August 2-22, a corresponding Corona concept applies at the respective venues. Here you can find the notes of the Kuloko reagrding Corona. Here you can find the notes of the Kuloko reagrding Corona (in german :/ ).

UnserAllerWald Corona-Concept

Responsible handling of the current Covid-19 situation is important to us. Day visitors are welcome to come by with mask and distance. For people who want to live in the forest for a longer period of time, we would like the following handling.

All people staying in the forest for a longer period of time see themselves as one household. Nevertheless, basic hygiene rules should also be observed within the household, e.g. no sharing of dishes. Anyone wishing to join the household should isolate themselves for 5 days beforehand and then carry out a rapid test (with a negative result). This rule is not a strict requirement and can be adapted to needs.
Isolation can happen in the forest or elsewhere beforehand. Isolation before arrival in the forest greatly relieves the structures here. The isolation can be spent alone or in a group – but no new contacts should be added during the isolation period. Of course, this also applies to the people with whom a person is isolated together.
We consider contact to be encounters where there is a higher probability of infection. The assessment of whether a particular contact counts as such is left to the people themselves. Our assessment is as follows: a medium full train with FFP2 mask is “no” contact; outside in the wind without a mask closer than 1.5 metres is not; in a stuffy room together for a few hours with a mask it is…

If you want to spend the previous isolation in the forest, please bring your own sleeping place (a tent, van, caravan or similar) for the initial period. If you do not have this equipment, please call us and we can organise some. In general, the enclosed and heated rooms will be available for you to use during the isolation period, if we coordinate and keep our distance for the first time. Outside these rooms there is also all the infrastructure you need for everyday life: Outdoor kitchen, campfire, toilet, dry sleeping places…

Instead of the previous five-day isolation, there is now also the possibility to join the “household” in UnserAllerWald directly if you test yourself five days in a row. Please bring your own tests if possible. We have a few tests here on site.