Unser Aller Wald lies between Keyenberg and the Keyenberg sports field.

Coordinates: 51.08527, 6.40854

The nearest bus stops are “Keyenberg” which can be reached by bus line EK1 or “Keyenberg Schule” by bus line EK3, both from Erkelenz. However, these only run from Monday to Friday. Please don’t confuse it with the bus stop “Keyenberg Markt neu” of line 412, which is (sadly) somewhere else!

You can find the exact times here: city bus EK1 Erkelenz und city bus EK3 Erkelenz

The nearest train station is in Hochneukirch (6 km away). There is no bus from there to Keyenberg.

Address: Entrance opposite Plektrudisstraße 23, 41812 Keyenberg.